Everyone knows about the Elon Musk, a tech billionaire who is famous for his Bitcoin collection. As per the rumours, Elon Musk makes a purchase of Bitcoin every now and then. Recently, Jim Jefferies, an Australian comedian, unfolded a more significant amount of Bitcoin stake. He admits that the amount of Bitcoin he has is the four-time of the billionaire Elon Musk.

‘I Don’t Know About That’ is one of the famous podcast of Jim Jefferies. Many of you might listen to his podcast. Latterly in his podcast, Jim Jefferies told Invest Diva Kiana Danial that he has more knowledge about the Bitcoin than his comedy carrier. He also admitted that his comedy team selected the topic he has less experience with. Jim Jefferies said, “I bought it as a bit of a laugh just on the Robinhood app just to see what this crypto is all about.” “I bought it as a bit of a laugh just on the Robinhood app just to see what this crypto is all about.”

The comedian Jem Jefferies said that he owns $9,612 at present, which is equal to one Bitcoin. Danial talked more about Bitcoin to Jim Jefferies and came to know that he has not transferred his Bitcoin to the wallet. Purchasing this one Bitcoin made him richer in terms of Bitcoin in comparison with Elon Musk, a tech billionaire. Elon Musk has confirmed in May 2020 that he has holding Bitcoin of 0.25 BTC that is equal to $2,347. This was the value of Bitcoin when he wrote about his update. As the podcast of Jim Jefferies is for both entertainment and educational purpose, Danial explained the history of the Bitcoin to Jim Jefferies. He also told the terms of the Bitcoin. While explaining the subject Satoshi Nakamoto, Jim Jefferies responded, “Everyone knows who he is — two Michelin stars, best tuna in town.”

The explanation about the blockchain and cryptocurrency by Danial was quite knowledgeable. Jim Jefferies’s knowledge was mixed with each other. A famous podcaster Marty Bent has also invited Danial as a speaker in his podcast. Jim Jefferies is the second comedian and first podcaster showing interest in cryptocurrencies.

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