Bitcoin is digital money in the form of a computer file, which is stored in a digital wallet. Every country has there own company for trading Bitcoins.

Bitflyer is the most prominent crypto trading company in Japan. According to the Brave, a privacy-protecting browser, Bitflyer is the largest crypto exchange in terms of trading volume. Recently the news was revealed that the Bitflyer and the Brave are planning to develop cryptocurrency wallets. This wallet is only for the users of the Brave browser.

No other data or information is available about the new crypto wallet. Bitflyer is rewarding the users of the Brave browser with Basic Attention Token Points (BAP). The plan of paying the Basic Attention Token Points is to prevent the user from earning cryptocurrencies BAT. Many of the users also exchange their points for the money in exchange. Creating the new crypto wallet is to allow the user to acquire BAT instead of BAP. Also, the plan is to allow the conversion of the BAT and BAP into each other.

One of the speakers from the end of the Brave browser said, “At this point, we are using ‘points’ to reward users, but there are some limits. [Through the partnership], we think it may be possible to go beyond that.”

Bitflyer has also revealed that the founder of the Brave browser will be participating in the event. This event is about the launching of the new crypto wallet. The event will be in Tokyo and dated 30th of July 2020. This event is to address all the advertisers, including every prominent investor.

The Brave browser is getting more and more famous among Japanese users. Recently Brave browser is planning to develop new features in the browser. The Brave browser has partnered Rush Gaming and Korean pop idol group, namely BTS (Bangtan Boys).

Many of the Japanese crypto exchanges announced trading of native token BAT. This also includes the Bitflyer. Bitflyer said, “Brave is the BAT connected browser, and browsing is an everyday activity. It will be a new opportunity for users to use and earn cryptocurrency, and we see it as a new model case to show the potential of cryptocurrency. We want to make people feel more familiar with cryptocurrency through the partnership with Brave” To increase their blockchain technology in Japan, Bitflyer and Brave Browser is also planning to introduce Joint Marketing Campaign for the customer convenience.

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